What kind of stuff do you print?

We specialize in business cards, wedding invitations, stationery and wood type posters, but do also do a variety of creative projects such as chapbooks, notebooks, and art posters.


How do you print this stuff?

We are primarily letterpress printers. Letterpress is the art of printing a relief surface with a machine. In the past, letterpress has referred to movable type which can be arranged in a design or text block. Today we generally use photopolymer technologies to print from digital files. We can also do foil stamping, diecutting, scoring, and duplexing.


How can I get an estimate?

Email us with a design or very detailed description. Please include as much information as possible including paper, color, quantity, size, finishing options and turnaround time.


Speaking of turnaround time, how long does it usually take to produce an order? 

Our typical turnaround time is 2-3 weeks which varies depending on the job and the time of year.


What is your minimum order? 

We do not have a minimum quantity but we do have a minimum cost of $350 per job no matter what the quantity is.


What kind of files can I submit for printing?

All artwork must be in a vector format with outlined type.


Can I specify colors?

Yes, we use the Pantone color matching system for mixing and printing accurate colors. Please specify an uncoated solid spot color.


Can I choose my own paper?

Yes, you can choose almost any paper you'd like. We have a wide selection of high quality papers that we prefer using and keep in stock but also have a lot of sample books for special ordering specific papers. We are committed to using the highest quality papers and have a wide selection of recycled papers.